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Why Competition Matters

It was still dark when my teammates and I converged at Caio Terra Academy Madison. There was an air of nervous excitement as we wiped the sleep from our eyes and loaded our gear into vehicles. The chatter on the … Continue reading

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Never Too Old to Train Jiu Jitsu

I sat across from him, nervously clutching my cup of coffee, hoping the first date wouldn’t be too incredibly awkward. When he turned to the side to adjust his chair, I got my hopes up. Cauliflower ears. “He must be … Continue reading

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My Life in Tattoos

I recently received Tools of Titans as a gift from a friend. This book is a compilation of the great thoughts, habits, and ideas of successful people. Each person’s chapter is accompanied by a thumbnail of their spirit animal. While there is … Continue reading

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Un-slumping Yourself

Next episode in 10, 9, 8… I hit the play arrow quivered in its red target, committing to another 48 minutes of living my life through the eyes of an internet detective while my own is placed on pause. How … Continue reading

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With the flick of a switch, my life changed forever

I strode into the darkened room and reached for the light switch. I groped around and tried again. Then, I stopped myself. Months before, I had moved into a new place after living in my previous apartment for five years. … Continue reading

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Be a Lady — No Acting Required

Going to the gym is the equivalent of engaging in a sociological study. Today, my lens was gender. I glanced around the changing room and cringed at the curling irons, make up, hair spray, and accessories. Women were in many … Continue reading

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Never Again “Just a Girl” (Why I train Jiu Jitsu)

I stepped off the mats on Friday night with a grin on my face and my head held high. I paused in surprise as I passed the locker room mirror. The person looking back at me had an unfamiliar glow. She … Continue reading

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Make me a Match

TeacherMatch sounds like something straight off the cover of the Onion, especially when eyeing up the price tag, but it could be the new reality of the Madison Metropolitan School District. It is enough to make Yente, the matchmaker from … Continue reading

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6th Annual Sennett Family Picnic Inspires Hope

On Wednesday, September 18th approximately 300 people filled Southdale Park for the 6th Annual Sennett Family Picnic.  Sennett staff, students, families, and MMSD’s assistant superintendent of secondary schools, Alex Fralin, were in attendance.  It was an amazing sight. Shortly after … Continue reading

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Union Women Step Up with a Boost from Emerge

Saturday, July 20th marked the graduation of the Emerge Wisconsin Class of 2013. With unparalleled confidence and eagerness, eight women of labor took an important step forward for their unions and the state of Wisconsin. As State Representative Melissa Sargent (EmergeWI, … Continue reading

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