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Where is the Plan in the BEP?

According to the Madison Metropolitan School District (MMSD) website, the Behavior Education Plan (BEP) that was approved in March of 2014 “moves our district away from a code of conduct based on a punitive model in favor of one that … Continue reading

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Michael Flores – the candidate with heart

When a candidate runs for public office, their entire family is running alongside them. Schedules are rearranged, conversations changed, and there is nonstop traffic in and out of the house. There are so many reasons to support Michael Flores for … Continue reading

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6th Annual Sennett Family Picnic Inspires Hope

On Wednesday, September 18th approximately 300 people filled Southdale Park for the 6th Annual Sennett Family Picnic.  Sennett staff, students, families, and MMSD’s assistant superintendent of secondary schools, Alex Fralin, were in attendance.  It was an amazing sight. Shortly after … Continue reading

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My New Year’s Wish, a school for every child and a community for every school

My first snow day of the season began with a phone call just before midnight. Having an adult-child in the house frequently means answering the phone in my sleep. This night, it meant putting on my snow boots, shoveling out … Continue reading

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Relationships are Fundamental at Sennett Middle School

Friday afternoon, I was bustling around my classroom rushing to get everything ready to go so that I could meet up with my friends to celebrate my birthday over dinner and a play. Anxiously, I glanced up at the clock … Continue reading

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