About the author

I was raised in Black Earth, Wisconsin, a small community just outside of Madison. Growing up as a young girl in a rural setting taught me that sometimes being strong meant going against the grain. The lessons that came from this struggle have served me well in life and given me a strong work ethic. At an early age, the beauty of the land also made a tremendous impact on me. This appreciation for the environment shaped my ethics, interests and education.

I moved to Madison as a teen. My sophomore year, I attended Malcolm X Shabazz CityAuthor, Karen Vieth High School. My first fires of activism were ignited when I took a class on banned books. Shabazz also helped me engage in my first experiences as a writer. I can still remember how thrilled I was when the Wisconsin State Journal published my short paper written on diversity. Today, I attribute my success as a blogger to this early recognition by educators and the community.

I received my undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Wisconsin
– Madison. As an undergraduate, I majored in Elementary Education with a minor in
Environmental Science. A few years later, I obtained my Master’s of Educational Psychology.

I have been teaching in the Madison Metropolitan School District for thirteen years. In that time, I have fought for equity by serving as an Equity Team facilitator at the school level, participating on a district level Equity Team and serving on the district’s Strategic Planning Committee. Through this work, I have engaged with families, businesses and the community.

During my free time, I run. Running is an  amazing outlet for my energy and it serves to clear my mind. While trail running, I gain energy from being out in nature and focusing on what I love. I completed my first Ultra Marathon last year and am inspired by Ultra Runners such as Dean Karnazes and Scott Jurek. While I run, I think; many of my greatest ideas come to me out on the trail.

The Wisconsin Uprising heightened my political awareness. I am heavily invested in Labor issues and fighting for the working families and children of Wisconsin. I am the co-facilitator of “Community First,” an organization through the South Central Federation of Labor. The mission of “Community First” is to get volunteers into the less served communities of Madison, Wisconsin. We educate residents on voter rights, assist with voter registration, inform citizens about upcoming legislation, and ignite critical change within the community. The mission of Community First is to organize within the community to promote self-advocacy and empowerment.

All opinions put forth on this website are mine as an individual and do not represent the views of the Madison Metropolitan School District, MTI, or any other organized group.