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Flores FamilyWhen a candidate runs for public office, their entire family is running alongside them. Schedules are rearranged, conversations changed, and there is nonstop traffic in and out of the house.

There are so many reasons to support Michael Flores for the MMSD Board of Education. But one really needs to look no further than his family to be convinced. His family’s enthusiasm and commitment to this campaign are evidence of Michael’s own commitment to make a difference in our public schools. 

The message below was written by Michael’s wife, Nichole Flores. These words come from a place of truth, but most importantly they come from the heart. In the words of former school board president, Juan Jose Lopez, “Que Viva Michael Flores!”

I Support Michael Flores, by Nichole Flores

Flores FamilyI support Michael Flores for Madison school board because as a father, he understands that parents of ALL colors, rich, poor, or in-between, want to see their children succeed in school (and in life), and there is no one-size-fits-all path to achieving that.

As a boy that grew up never knowing his own father, he became an incredibly devoted and involved dad to his own children, and a role-model for other children, never taking for granted what the presence of a father-figure means in their life.

Growing up without consistent parental guidance and financial support enabled him to understand the circumstances and frustrations that many of our city’s children face.

I support Michael Flores for Madison school board because a bilingual Spanish-speaking representative on the board is needed to bridge the communication gap that exists between policy-makers and an often politically under-represented segment of our community.

I support Michael Flores for Madison school board because I’ve never known anyone that’s more approachable, enthusiastic, or who genuinely cares more about other human beings than him.

I support Michael Flores for Madison school board because he supports teachers, who are often expected to do the impossible against all odds.

I support Michael Flores because he understands and supports the concerns of children and parents, and strongly supports the arts, music, athletics, and many other extra-curricular activities that provide a well-rounded educational experience for children and promote academic and social engagement that are crucial to life-long success.

To contribute, volunteer, or learn more about the candidate, visit the campaign website.



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