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Flores FamilyCity of Madison firefighter and paramedic, Michael Flores, has announced his candidacy for next spring’s MMSD Board of Education election. Flores seeks to fill the seat being vacated by Marj Passman, who announced last week that she would not seek re-election.

Flores, who was a candidate for the Board of Education in 2012, states that his “commitment to supporting the students and teachers of MMSD is as strong as ever, and the need for collaboration of the talents, resources and ideas within the district and greater Madison community is more important than ever – to serve the needs of all Madison students in these fiscally challenging times.”

Flores explains that Madison is fortunate to possess such racial, ethnic, cultural, and even socioeconomic diversity. While many of the city’s residents are highly politically active, others remain disengaged from the political arena. Yet, one issue that can bring us all together is concern with ensuring that our children receive a high-quality education, as well as opportunities for personal growth and development outside of the classroom.

As he stated in his 2012 grassroots campaign, Flores can identify with the experiences and struggles of many children in this city. Flores knows first hand what it means to grow up in poverty with two cultures, two languages, and without consistent parental support.

Flores and his wife have three children in Madison schools and believe that all children, from those identified as talented and gifted to students with special education needs, can thrive in the district. This belief coupled with his life experiences will make Flores an invaluable member of the Board.

Want to get involved? Send an email to: info@floresforeducation.org

Or to learn more about the Flores campaign, visit: www.floresforeducation.org

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